Machine Vibration Analysis

Protecting Your Investment

Service Electric offers vibration analysis services for factories, hospitals, and other industrial facilities that have critical rotating equipment. This technology provides data collection and analysis of vibration frequencies that allow us to determine equipment health.

Regular vibration analysis checks can result in:

- Early Fault Detection

- Extend Equipment Life

- Reduce Failures

Vibration Analysis

Rotating equipment such as motors, gearboxes, pumps, and fans create vibration frequencies. Vibration analysis technology allows us to collect data and diagnose problems such as mis-alignment, unbalance, or bearing failures. Alarm levels are reported and explained as to the severity and the necessary repairs. Vibration data is saved and trended with future inspections for condition-monitoring to extend equipment life. Contact ultrasound is also employed to help identify problems and exact locations.

How Vibration Analysis Works

A machine operating in peak condition exhibits a particular vibration pattern. When components, like bearings and shafts, begin to wear and fail, the machine will generate a different vibration pattern. By proactively monitoring the equipment, a trained technician can compare the readings against known failure modes to determine where problems are occurring. Vibration analysis allows us to monitor these vibration patterns based on established ISO standards. Accelerometers are used to measure the vibration levels of an asset. We collect the vibration data with a calibrated analyzer and we measure, monitor, and trend this data based on ISO baselines.

Service Electric's trained technicians are certified by ANSI to conduct vibration analysis and use only the highest quality equipment.

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